Our Difference | True North Log Homes | Bracebridge Ontario
Revolutionizing luxury living by developing and manufacturing the most technologically advanced log home system in the world with exceptional quality, beauty, and durability.
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Our Difference

Log homes have been built on this continent for centuries. From temporary cabins used by loggers and trappers to permanent homes and cottages. Some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and vacation resorts have also used the natural beauty and ambience of logs to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

While honouring the history and heritage of log homes, True North Log Homes has developed a patented log home system that takes log home construction to a whole new level with the use of materials and joinery techniques unavailable to our forefathers. What True North has developed is the most technologically advanced log home in the world, one that embodies the superb craftsmanship of the past with the comfort and low maintenance demanded in a modern home.

The following are just a few of the advantages and advanced technologies that separates True North Log Homes from all the others:

Log home

True North Joinery Technology Is Truly Revolutionary

Within the walls of every True North log home are many innovations, highlighted by an exclusive patented joinery system that is unmatched in the industry. At the heart of True North’s innovations, which include 14 (soon to be 17) Canadian and U.S. patents, is the Keylock Air Seal Corner®.

True North is the only log home manufacturer able to offer a 25-year Zero Air Infiltration Warranty. The Keylock Air Seal Corner® and joinery system is the key advantage of a True North log home. This technology ensures no chinking or exterior caulking will ever be needed on a True North log home.

True North takes full advantage of the naturally occurring shrinkage in the width and length of logs to make their homes airtight. The introduction of strategically placed patented keylocks, butt splines, tongue and groove systems and keysplines work with nature to actually tighten the log structure over time.

True North has revolutionized the first post to log, interlocking tongue and groove joinery system in log home construction. This penta post (5-sided post) joinery allows irregular wall angles to be part of your log home design. Turrets and prow fronts can easily become part of your design.

Precision Log Home Construction

True North’s construction of the world’s largest heavy log wall, computer-aided manufacturing plant has brought log home building into the 21st century. True North homes are manufactured with such precision that the home need only be erected once — on your building site, resulting in substantial cost savings.

The True North plant is capable of producing a 2,000-square-foot home in less than eight hours. Each log wall is produced sequentially using computer-generated cutting drawings. All door and window openings are custom cut and all thru-bolt, butt spline and keylock holes are pre-drilled. All material is finished to full measure in 6” x 12”, 8” x 12”, 10” x 12” and 12” x 12” (special order) sizes and milling is to a tolerance of 1/5,000th of an inch.


True North Log Homes is the first log home company in the world to provide a factory-applied primer stain. True North applies the first coat of stain to your logs to protect against airborne fungus and mildew during on-site construction.

True North’s combination of quality materials, advanced technology and precision craftsmanship is what defines the True North difference. The True North log home is truly low maintenance and worry-free.

When you choose a True North log home, you enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you’ve not only built your dream home, but you’ve created a lifestyle that will provide a legacy for generations to remember.