About True North Log Homes

True North Log Homes manufactures the best-engineered log homes in the world—homes of exceptional quality, beauty, and durability. The True North Log Homes story is one of technical innovation, hard work, and a steadfast commitment to becoming the undisputed leader in the construction of high-quality log homes.

True North Log Homes grew from a small family business to a reputable international company.

True North went from a small group of dedicated staff members to an employee group of close to 50 people who share a passion for quality and the True North lifestyle.

A Family With Dedication AND Innovative Spirit

Ron Wrightman made his start in the log home industry in 1979, founding his first successful log home company, which is still in operation today. Ron’s son, Rob, managed the original plant and continued to work with the new owners, teaching them the in’s and out’s of the plant and business.

After a few years working as a successful real estate agent, Rob approached his father with an idea to re-enter the log home industry.

In 1986 the father and son team co-founded True North Log Homes.

True North Log Homes team in 2019

World Class Recognition

Our relentless dedication to excellence and our passion of the log home lifestyle has brought True North to the forefront of log home technology and design. Our patented systems are widely acclaimed in the log home industry. Our log homes can be found in Great Britain, Ireland, Continental Europe, Mexico, Korea, Bahamas, Japan, across the U.S.A., including Alaska, and Canada.


Enjoying Precious Moments

Our lives are about these small moments: from days spent with family basking in the sunlight to the pure bliss from watching a sunset, this is what provides us with true joy in life. Log homes naturally create an environment that allow these timeless moments to be shared. Living in a log home invokes a sense of calmness, peace and solitude that helps us escape—if only for a few moments—from the hectic pace of day-to-day life.

Our Philosophy

Whether you’re looking for a rustic, traditional lakefront retreat or a small cabin hidden in the woods; you desire the warmth, tranquility and serenity that embody log home living. True North Log Homes inspires this lust for luxury and peace, delivering a log home that exceeds all standards in technology and craftsmanship.



While true to our roots, True North Log Homes develops the world’s most technologically advanced log home system. We take great pride in our innovative spirit, which is reflected in the Canadian and U.S. patents exclusive to True North Log Homes. Our technology is comprised of many detailed parts and it’s our attention to detail that creates peace of mind for our customers.