Quality of Material | True North Log Homes | Bracebridge Ontario
Revolutionizing luxury living by developing and manufacturing the most technologically advanced log home system in the world with exceptional quality, beauty, and durability.
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finest woods

True North’s Log Homes are Built with the Finest Wood in North America

The most valuable soft wood in North America goes into every True North log home. We carefully choose winter-cut, slow-growth eastern white pine for your home. This timber is the most premium quality of the pine species compared to its lower quality red, yellow, and jack pine cousins. Northeastern white pine grows slowly because of the severity of the climate, producing tight growth rings which result in excellent dimensional stability in the heartwood. It experiences less shrinkage due to low sap content and is therefore less likely to warp.

The sapwood (soft layers between the heartwood and the bark) is eliminated in the squaring process. This assures that log settlement is minimal—not exceeding one inch in an eight-foot wall height. Western red cedar is also available upon request.