Surface Treatments | True North Log Homes | Bracebridge Ontario
Revolutionizing luxury living by developing and manufacturing the most technologically advanced log home system in the world with exceptional quality, beauty, and durability.
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Hazelnut (Rusticated)

Rusticated Log

  • Aesthetically enhances the grain and gives the log a
    rustic feel
  • Prepares the log to readily accept stain which increases stain penetration
  • Prolongs life of the stain coatings
Hazelnut (Sanded)

Sanded Smooth Log

  • Standard for both interior and exterior logs
  • Results in increased clear coat adhesion and provides a smoother to the “touch” log surface
Short Adzed Log

Short Adzed

Long Adzed Log

Long Adzed

Ask your True North dealer about these and other design innovations to set your log home apart.