Log Profiles | True North Log Homes | Bracebridge Ontario
Revolutionizing luxury living by developing and manufacturing the most technologically advanced log home system in the world with exceptional quality, beauty, and durability.
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"R" groove


"V" groove


Outside "D"


Double "D"




True North Log Homes believes that every home should be as unique as its owner. We offer several custom interior and exterior log profiles to help define your home. Logs are available in a full size 6”, 8”, 10” & 12” thickness; all of our logs feature a 12” height. Full size logs are extremely important as it increases the thermal efficiency of your log home. Hand-crafted round log or square timber trusses can be integrated into most any design, to enhance the rustic log home feel.

Large irregular windows or prow-shaped fronts most commonly seen in chalets can be achieved by using True North’s penta-post corner system. This revolutionary joinery system allows the interlocking log assembly to conform to irregular angles without compromising the wall integrity.

Ask your True North dealer about these and other design innovations that will enable you to set your log home apart.