Digital Inventory Control | True North Log Homes | Bracebridge Ontario
Revolutionizing luxury living by developing and manufacturing the most technologically advanced log home system in the world with exceptional quality, beauty, and durability.
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Every aspect of your True North log home is carefully monitored with a digital inventory control system that protects your log home from loss, damage or theft, from start to finish.

Our objective at True North is to deliver you value. With our digital inventory control system, you can be assured that you will receive everything as listed in your contract. You can enjoy the peace of mind that your house is being well managed and well cared for at every stage of design, delivery and construction.

True North’s Digital Inventory Control System Has Four Parts:

  1. Detailed digital photographs are taken of all logs and log components, right down to the bolts and washers. Photographs are also taken of each individual piece, before and after they are packed on skids, to show both quality and quantity.
  2. Photos are taken of the packed delivery truck, assuring all the lifts are packed, making note as to the shape and configuration of the truck.
  3. Photos of the truck are taken again on the customer’s site to ensure all the goods have arrived safely and that the configuration of the truck has not been altered in any way.
  1. Photos of the lifts, with the customer’s foundation in the background, are taken to provide a comfort level to the customer and to the customer’s insurance company. This provides a visual track record to show that the goods have left the True North plant and arrived on the customer’s site intact. Should the customer sustain theft on the site, it becomes a simple task to provide proof to the insurance company that all goods arrived on site in good order.

We enjoyed the building experience with True North because we were involved in the entire process, from the drawings to the finished product. The delivery of our home was like clockwork and it was just thrilling to see the blueprints come to life!

– B. and S. Silcox, True North Homeowners