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Colours may not be exactly as shown.




After the installation of your new log home the True North Water Borne Natural Oil Finish is applied. This finish protection is unique in that it does not inhibit the breathing of the log, a trait naturally inherent to wood and the vital performance and health you can expect from your log home.

True North Water Borne Natural Oil Finish provides excellent UV protection and will not peel or blister.

True North’s Water Borne Natural Oil Finish is a hybrid technology providing the penetrating advantages of traditional solvent based products with the environmental benefits of water based technology which results in years of exceptional protection with ease of maintenance.

Our UV Primer Coat Technology

The finish of your home begins in the factory where every log is cut to full size and immediately treated using a unique environmentally safe UV Primer Coat, a first in the industry. The advantage of this process is the deep penetration into the log, providing dimensional stabilization (which equalizes the evaporation of moisture from the cellular structure of the log reducing any dramatic movement during the natural drying process). Excellent protection is also provided against wood destroying fungi, insect infestation and weathering.

Our UV Primer Coat is a major benefit, providing protection for your logs from the elements during the construction process and extending the time frame for final onsite stain application.

Applications For Our Water Borne Natural Oil Finish

True North’s Water Borne Natural Oil Finish is available in a range of formulas and colours. The Exterior Formula is available in Natural, Forest Green, Eagle Tavern Green, Woodlands, and Cranberry. These formulas are applied as a first and/or second coat on exterior logs, decking, and log home detailed surfaces such as window moldings, fascias, railings and spindles. Colours can be used in combination with a Natural Finish for accents or an entire exterior colour. The “top coat” is a finishing coat for the above Exterior Formulas. The Interior Formula is available in Natural, Optimum Clear Medium (satin finish) and Woodlands. These formulas are designed to enhance the natural beauty of wood grain, providing a breathable protective coating on interior log surfaces, which is cleanable, colourfast and durable. A three-coat system is sometime chosen for Optimum Clear Medium surfaces depending on aesthetics desired, however these formulas are customarily a two-coat system.

stain warranty

True North’s UV Primer Coat, followed by two coats of True North Black Label Stain, is the only approved system which complies with the requirements of our warranty. The unique water based formula will not affect the gaskets and sealants supplied with the True North joinery. It is recommended to rinse the log walls with water before applying the first job site stain coat. The final “top coat” should then be applied the following day. Again this is to prevent discoloration occurring beneath the stain.

Stain Colours

Ask your True North dealer about these and other design innovations that set your log home apart.