What is a Penta Post?

Penta Post

The “Penta Post” is a five-sided post which joins a log wall system at any angle using True North Log Homes’ patented KeySpline® System. The term Penta Post comes from the Greek prefix penta-, meaning “five”, for its five vertical faces. We often use it as a structural corner to create prow-shaped fronts, turrets, and angled sections like the breezeway to a garage.

The KeySpline® System

Successfully joining a log wall system to a Penta Post is one of our proudest achievements. Our KeySpline® system increases design possibilities of our log homes. It allows us to offer square post corners or create any angled log walls with our Penta Post. This revolutionary joinery system allows the interlocking log assembly to conform to irregular angles without compromising the wall integrity. What truly makes this log wall joinery system unique to the log home industry is that we offer a “Zero” Air Infiltration Warranty. This means that we guarantee that you won’t need to caulk or chink your home—ever!

Here’s how it works:

Learn from Kyle Wrightman, how True North Log Homes’ KeySpline® and post slide technology allow us to successfully join a log to a post, allow it to settle, and perfectly maintain an airtight connection. With this technology, True North Log Homes can custom angles to your home for areas like breakfast nooks, turrets, and any odd angle.



Penta Posts can be used for more than just breakfast nooks, you can also use a four-sided post (or square post) as a 90˚ corner in any home. It uses the same KeySpline® and post slide technology but has one less vertical face. This square post would replace the classic dovetail corner for a more modern appearance.

Square posts are integrated into the bump out of this Klondike VI home.



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