What is a “log home kit” or package?

Depending on who you ask, you will get a different answer. Manufacturers define and include different components in log home packages (or “log home kits”). They can include as little as “logs only” packages to weather-tight materials shell packages like ours. It’s imperative that, as a future log homeowner, you fully understand what’s included and that not all log home packages are created equal.

What makes True North Log Homes different?

True North Log Homes designs, manufactures, and distributes log home packages worldwide. What sets us apart is we offer the world’s most technologically advanced log home system with the only “Zero” Air Infiltration Warranty in the log home industry.

Here’s how it works:

“Zero” Air Infiltration Warranty. We are the only log home manufacturer who offers a “Zero” Air Infiltration Warranty on log home construction. Our patented technology makes this possible.

We do not pre-assemble. Yes, you read that correctly. We don’t need to pre-assemble your home at our factory. This reduces risk associated with assembling, disassembling, and reassembling on the job site which may cause damage and increases labour. Instead, we cut our log home packages wall-by-wall, top-to-bottom, by following our detailed cut drawings (these are the same drawings the builder will use to construct the wall). We reverse manufacture the logs so that when your home arrives on the job site it’s in the order it will be assembled, from bottom to top.

Machined coated. We include a primer coat of all four sides of the logs as a standard and can even finish staining your entire home in a factory-controlled environment to ensure the stain is embedded into the surface of the logs, increasing longevity and speeding up the build process. Machine coating also saves you time, labour, maintenance, and money.

Shipped how you want. If you don’t have a lot of space on your lot and you don’t want the whole home shipped at once, we provide staged delivery to make building easier.

Detailed instructions. Each package comes with detailed instructions on how to build each wall system with our advanced technology. These cut drawings allow your builder to see where electrical will be placed and how logs should be stacked together.

Air dried, winter-cut slow growth north eastern white pine or red cedar. The type of wood used to build your home is important. We take great care in our selection of wood to use the best quality possible. We use winter-cut slow growth north eastern white pine or red cedar which means you get quality wood with a clean cut. The logs are air dried for over a year.

Low maintenance. We offer the industry’s lowest maintenance log home. This means no chinking or caulking ever. Yes—ever. Our homes have no more maintenance than a conventional home.

What’s in a Log Home Kit?

Here are some things to ask as you research:

  1. Wall system
    1. When and where is the wood harvested? Is it sustainably forested?
      • We selectively purchase our logs to reduce resource depletion. True North Log Homes uses FSC Certified trees cut in wintertime that are in the prime of life, when the size of the tree can’t be sustained by its roots. They are harvested in the winter because sap is dormant under the roots. This method provides a better cut and higher quality wood.
    2. What species of wood is used?
      • The most valuable soft wood in North America goes into every True North log home. We carefully choose winter-cut, slow-growth eastern white pine for your home. The durable heartwood of the log is used for added dimensional stability. The sapwood (soft layers between the heartwood and the bark) is eliminated in the squaring process. This assures that log settlement is minimal—not exceeding one inch in an eight-foot wall height. Western red cedar is also available upon request.
    3. How long are the logs seasoned for?
      • All True North logs are seasoned for over a year. We air dry them in Bracebridge facing the northwest wind to allow the natural direction of prevailing wind to flow between the logs to help the drying process.
    4. Are all components, stains, and sealants included?
    5. What is the maintenance required?
      • A True North log home has the lowest maintenance required in the industry. The homes we build with our patented technology do not require chinking or caulking. The only maintenance on our system is the periodic application of stain. Learn more about the StainLock® Infusion System.
    6. How do the walls allow for settlement?
      • True North Log Homes’ ratcheting LogLock® compression system eliminates log wall separation throughout the settlement period without any maintenance from the client. Other threaded rod and standard spring systems don’t adjust automatically and require continual maintenance as the logs settle and don’t prevent log separation.
    7. What is the finished thickness of a log?
      • The logs used in a True North log home are full-sized timbers.
      • We manufacture 6” x 12”, 8” x 12”, 10” x 12”, and 12” x 12” log. For example, a 6” True North log will measure the true 6” x 12” when it’s fully finished.
      • True North purchases oversized materials to compensate for the drying and milling processes.
      • Most manufacturers don’t do this and will produce a 5” to 5.5” log when the client pays for a 6” log.
    8. Are the logs protected by primer or fully stained leaving the factory?
      • True North Log Homes is the first log home company in the world to provide a factory-applied primer stain. We apply the primer to all four sides of your logs which protects against airborne fungus, mildew and UV damage during on-site construction. True North Log Homes also offers fully pre-stained packages manufactured in a factory-controlled environment by computerized equipment.

      • Get any colour you want on the interior and exterior with any log profile and finish. See our stain colours.
    9. How are the logs delivered and assembled? Are they tarped before shipping?
      • Our objective at True North is to treat every log like a piece of furniture and not like a pile of logs. With our digital inventory control system, you can be assured that you will receive everything as listed in your contract. You can enjoy the peace of mind that your house is being well managed and well cared for at every stage of design, delivery and construction.
      • A True North log home is not pre-assembled in our factory. We know from the moment the last log leaves the line that the materials will fit together perfectly. Our homes are reverse manufactured, packaged, tarped, and numbered so that the first materials off the truck are the first to be constructed.
      • We put our own skids underneath the material to protect against damage offloading. We tarp each individual package with our own tarps and band the skid to the material. When shipping, we insist that the transportation carrier use heavy tarps on top of our tarps.


  1. Floor systems
    1. How is the floor system attached to the foundation?
      • How the floor system is attached to the foundation varies depending on the foundation type. Ask your True North sales representative for more information.
    2. What materials are used in these floor systems?
      • The first and second floor framing system is included in a True North log home package.
      • This includes:
        • Jack or wood posts
        • Built-up wood beams
        • Dimensional lumber floor joists
        • Joist hangers
        • Cross bridging
        • Tongue-and-groove subfloor
        • Subfloor adhesive
  1. Roof systems
    1. Is the roof package engineered trusses or rafters?
      • True North’s roof package uses engineered roof trusses or heavy timber.
    2. Are you using plywood or OSB on the roof?
      • The roof on a True North log home only uses plywood.
  1. Windows and doors­­
    1. What’s included with the windows and doors?
      • Wood thermal pane windows and insulated fibreglass entrance doors come standard in a True North log home package. Maintenance-free options available are: full aluminum clad and PVC.
    2. Do they come with the exterior trim and interior jamb extensions (to match log size) installed on the window/door units?
      • Exterior trim and jamb extensions are part of a True North log home package and come pre-installed from the factory, saving you significant time and money.


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