How Does True North Join A Log End For End? At True North Log Homes we pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture a log home that requires no caulking or chinking—ever! What size logs do you inventory and how long a wall can you manufacture? This is a common question and there is a misconception that we can only manufacture a log wall as long as a log itself. The simple answer is here at True North we inventory logs 16′ and longer vs most manufacturers are 16′ and shorter. In fact,...

What is a Penta Post? The “Penta Post” is a five-sided post which joins a log wall system at any angle using True North Log Homes’ patented KeySpline® System. The term Penta Post comes from the Greek prefix penta-, meaning “five”, for its five vertical faces. We often use it as a structural corner to create prow-shaped fronts, turrets, and angled sections like the breezeway to a garage. The KeySpline® System Successfully joining a log wall system to a Penta Post is one of our proudest achievements. Our KeySpline® system increases design possibilities...

Our Secret to the Perfect Dovetail Corner True North Log Homes uses the naturally occurring shrinkage of a log to its fullest advantage and make dovetail corners tighter. Our patented KeyLock Air Seal Corner® pulls the logs together. Over time the log shrinks towards the KeyLock®, ensuring an airtight seal. The KeyLock Air Seal Corner® eliminates air leakage and deterioration due to air and water infiltration, eliminating the need to continually caulk or chink your home. The absence of nails, screws or lag bolts in this joinery system is the key advantage of a...

Through the manufacturing and construction life cycle of your True North log home there are three types of drawings distinguished by their purpose and added layers of complexity as your log home develops....

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How to choose a log home manufacturer

There are many factors to consider when choosing a company to manufacture and build your log home. At True North Log Homes, we believe that the best customer is a well-informed customer.

Log Home Myths: Debunked!

These are log home myths and misconceptions that we’re happy to clear up and debunk for you.

How are log homes more efficient than conventional homes?

We’re asked this question all the time. Let’s start by talking about what R-value is, and why it doesn’t relate to log homes.

What is the R-value of a log wall?

R-value measures capacity of an insulation material to resist heat flow from one side of a wall to another. The insulation industry has done a really good job at presenting and supporting the importance of R-value, but this is only one part of energy efficiency.

2019 NAHB Awards won by True North Log Homes

True North Log Homes wins Four 2019 NAHB Awards

A celebration of excellence and innovation

We’ve recently been awarded four 2019 Jerry Rouleau Awards for Excellence by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). These awards honour “excellence and innovation in the design, development, lifestyle and marketing of housing,” according to the NAHB. True North’s commitment to high-quality deliverables is consistent from the log homes we build to our online presence.

What is a log home kit? Depending on who you ask, you will get a different answer. It’s imperative that, as a future log homeowner, you fully understand what’s included and that not all log home kits are created equal....